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OSHA Recordkeeping - Nuts and Bolts, 2018


Federal OSHA has not made any substantive changes to the Recordkeeping rules in the past year. However, over the past three years there have been changes to the rules that warrant review each year to ensure every employer remains compliant with the rules. 
There will be a total of four webinars in December and January that will respond to the recordkeeping requirements for the 2018 reporting year of virtually all covered employers in the State. Two webinars will deal with the ‘Nuts and Bolts’ of the recordkeeping process and will include information related to Retaliatory Actions, Safety Incentive Programs, and Post Accident Drug Testing and two webinars will deal with the electronic reporting process and the forms that will have to be completed and submitted in order to comply with their rules. 
Join us on any of the dates listed below to learn what your responsibilities and timelines are to keep your business in compliance with the Recordkeeping Rules. 
December 4th and January 15th webinars will cover the recordkeeping 'Nuts and Bolts' discussions. 
December 18th and January 24th webinars will cover the Electronic Reporting discussions.



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9:00 AM