Frequently Asked Questions

How can you help my business? 

ERNwest’s safety and loss control team understands the challenges Washington State businesses face.  Our team of experts are well diverse in industries including construction, manufacturing, hospitality, retail, warehouse/distribution and healthcare.  Your assigned manager can visit your business and provide onsite leadership training, facility performance walkthrough, program review and development, safety committee support, safety champion coaching, answer regulatory compliance concerns and help you navigate through an LNI compliance inspections. 

What certifications does your team have?

Our team of experts include safety professionals who have manage safety for large corporations, Certified Safety Professionals, Certified Industrial Hygienist, Construction Health and Safety Technician.  In addition, we are actively engaged in the safety community participating in numerous organizations, boards and committees throughout Washington State.

Do you offer safety trainings?

Yes, ERNwest provides live in-person trainings and monthly online informative safety webinars.

Can you help me with our safety program development?

Yes, if your business needs additional support developing a safety program, training and/or coaching a safety champion, we may be able to assist. 

Do you offer industrial hygiene services?

Yes, ERNwest has a certified industrial hygienist (CIH) on staff and can provide noise monitoring and air sampling.

Can you provide a comprehensive compliance walkthrough?

Yes, ERNwest can provide a comprehensive compliance walkthrough with a written report on a more frequent basis.

For more information please contact the ERNwest safety department at

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