DOSH Wildfire Smoke Standard

Evergreen trees engulfed in wildfire smokeDOSH is now enforcing the new wildfire smoke standard found in WAC 296-802 (Chapter 296-820 WAC – Wildfire Smoke Rule). All operations inside the building are exempted from this rule provided, during times of increased smoke exposure, all windows and doors are kept closed except as necessary to enter and exit. Facility bus operations are also exempted provided they, too, keep doors and windows closed. Enforcement guidelines can be found here: Wildfire Smoke Exposure – DOSH Directive 8.20 (

During wildfire season it is recommended you regularly monitor air quality through the publicly available sources (mentioned in the WAC) to determine if windows need to be closed and if outside activities need to be paused. As mentioned in the enforcement guidelines, if you use public information to monitor air quality, you do NOT need to keep a record.

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