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DOSH Wildfire Smoke Standard

DOSH is now enforcing the new wildfire smoke standard found in WAC 296-802 (Chapter 296-820 WAC – Wildfire Smoke Rule). All operations inside the building ...
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Preventing Wet Surface Hazards in the Restaurant

Wet surfaces present hazards to everyone—including you, the staff and customers. Surfaces get slippery from mopping floors, wet weather conditions, spills and various activities that ...
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L&I Announces Proposed 2024 Rates

An Increase is Expected Labor and Industries (L&I) recently announced proposed 2024 base rates for each of Washington’s 300 industrial insurance risk classifications. When considering ...
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L&I Proposed 2024 Rates are Coming Soon!

With Fall comes your first look at 2024 industrial insurance rates. L&I will announce proposed base rates for each of Washington’s 300 industrial insurance risk ...
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Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls

  Helpful tips for keeping you on your feet. Wet floors, spills and excess clutter can mean disaster for employees, causing many to suffer lost ...
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Slip Trip & Fall Prevention Tips 

Many workplace slips, trips, and falls are preventable by implementing a number of workplace design modification measures and training. Workplace Environmental Condition Modifications Worksite environmental ...
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