Safety Solutions for Your Jobsite

Safety measures should be considered on every jobsite. There are different kinds of safety equipment and tools used for various projects to keep workers safe. Minimize the risk of onsite injuries and understand compliance tasks with these safety solutions.

eTool | Unified Fall Protection Comparison Are you confused with all the updates and changes to the unified fall protection standard over the past few years? If so, L&I has developed an interactive etool, to help you identify at what height fall protection is required for specific activities. Access the tool.  

Cougar Paws GRIP members who are looking for additional slip prevention while working on roofs may want to check out the CougarPaw boot.  The CougarPaw specializes in traction boots for roofers.

Stairwell Protection System The StairSpan temporary work platform and fall prevention system is one way to prevent falls down stairways.  

Extension Ladder Stop Mat The extension ladder stop mat is designed to prevent ladders from sliding while workers are ascending, descending or working from the ladder. 

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