LSW Retrospective Rating (RETRO) Program

Find out if RETRO is right for you.

Next Steps are Easy.

  1. Fill out the no-obligation *LSW Retro Release form.
  2. Email or scan and fax to submit the form.
    fax: (253) 237-0848
  3. Receive personalized information about qualifications and refunds.

*If you would like to fill out and submit an online release form, go to

Get in Touch

If you have any questions about the LSW program or Retro, contact us.

Dale Willard, Business Development Mgr
(970) 402-3117 |

ERNwest (Workers’ Comp. Partner)
Andrew Heard, Retro Coordinator
(253) 237-0817 |

What is Retro?

RETROSPECTIVE RATING (RETRO) is a financial incentive program offered by the Department of Labor and Industries to help employers reduce their industrial insurance costs. It is the only way you can earn any of your premium back from L&I. Your premium is pooled along with other employers of similar risk class or industry, which reduces risk and maximizes refunds.

More Information

LSW Retro Brochure
LSW 2022 Retro Review

Program Benefits

When Claims Happen

  • Proactive claim management by experts in Washington workers’ compensation
  • Dedicated return-to-work specialists
  • Monthly reports outlining claim type, costs and plan moving forward

Savings to You

  • Long-term savings with reduced rates/premium
  • Retro refunds averaging 49% over the last 3 years

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