Ladder Safety

As we approach the holiday season, ladder use increases as we hang decorations and cope with winter weather. The most recent data from the National Institute for Safety and Health (NIOSH) shows that ladder falls cause roughly 20% of all falls and cost roughly $24 billion every year to businesses. Having a robust Ladder Safety program—that includes training and equipment inspections—helps reduce the likelihood of a ladder-related incident. Download a Portable Ladder Poster in English or Spanish

Ladder safety starts with good training. While it must be tailored to the equipment you use and in the setting you use it, there’s no need to create your training from scratch. There are several great resources, such as free training through the American Ladder Safety Institute.

Keeping on top of equipment use and inspections can be challenging as well. NIOSH created a ladder app that gives in-the-moment advice and instruction on inspection, set up and use, including a tool that allows the employee to use their phone as a tool to ensure a proper angle during setup. Employees can download the NIOSH ladder app here: Falls in the Workplace: Ladder Safety Mobile App | NIOSH | CDC 

Ladder incidents are far too common, costly and deadly. If you have questions regarding your Ladder Safety program, please contact for resources and support.

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